Sarah Glenn

Sarah Glenn, IBCLC, CD, CBE, RYT

Lactation Consultant

Sarah graduated from Suffolk County Community College with a degree in psychology, which was instrumental in her pilgrimage to support families through the perinatal period of life. Starting her career as a doula and childbirth educator shortly after the birth of her first baby while working for a pediatrician where she learned about older babies and breastfeeding. Later becoming a La Leche League leader to further her community support for the breastfeeding family. After the birth of her fifth baby she began an apprenticeship with her midwife and the training for her boards to become an IBCLC. With a strong desire to mentor all families in pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, Sarah began a private practice in Pennsylvania where she could spend more time focusing on the physical and emotional aspects of birth and lactation. With a mission to help all new moms successfully reach their breastfeeding goals, she spent 7 years working as an IBCLC in the hospital where she trained other healthcare professionals about the importance of breastfeeding in those first days.  Today, she is excited to join The Breastfeeding Center of Charleston to share her expertise with new families during such a delicate time in their lives.

Sarah enjoys spending time with her large family-husband plus 7 children and 7 grand children-reading, nature, gardening, and traveling.  

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