Your Appointment

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! We are thrilled you have chosen the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston to assist you on your motherhood journey. During your appointment, you and your baby will be checked in and seen together. During the visit, you and your baby will each be examined by our medical team that includes an IBCLC medical provider, a lactation consultant, and a breastfeeding tech. Our team will listen to your feeding goals, discuss your medical and feeding history, watch your baby nurse, and then examine both of you. You will leave your visit with breastfeeding management tips and a comprehensive plan to meet your breastfeeding goals. Since we want to address all of your and your baby’s needs, we anticipate appointments lasting between 60 and 90 minutes.

What to Bring To Your Appointment
It is most important that you bring your baby! It would also be helpful if your baby is hungry during your appointment, so we can watch your baby nurse. This does not mean you should avoid feeding your baby for a long time before your appointment. If you give your baby a small feeding before your visit, you can finish the feeding in the office.

Please keep a 24-hour feeding and elimination diary. This information helps your medical team know as much as possible about the last 24 hours for you and your baby.  A “24-hour count” includes the number of wet and dirty diapers, number of times nursed, and number of times your baby received supplemental breastmilk or formula.

If you are using any breastfeeding equipment, such as a nipple shield or Supplemental Nursing System, please bring them with you to all appointments. We also encourage you to bring your breast pump, should you need any assistance in using it.

Be sure to bring your driver’s license and insurance card(s) to your appointment. We will be filing insurance for both you and your baby.  We understand that your baby may not have an insurance card at your first visit.

Financial Policy
Privacy Practices

Write down any questions you have in advance. A great deal of information will be discussed with you during your visit, and we want to address any questions you have.

Support Person
We welcome and encourage you to bring a support person to join us during your visit. We can address the ways in which your support person can participate and assist you at home on your breastfeeding journey. Since the length of the visit can be challenging for siblings, we encourage you to consider whether your older child would be more comfortable staying with a trusted adult rather than joining us during your visit.